Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Sergey Zernov, Elena Solovtsova
  • Script : Larisa Malukova (with the participation of Natalia Nazarova)
  • Director: Natalia Nasarova
  • Production designers: July Kuhn
  • Duration: 44 min
  • Genre: documentary
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2011
  • Director of photography: Petr Vlaskov
  • Production studio: Gorky Film Srudio


He was called «Russian Salvador Dali».  Though he didn’t create pictures. But he was an artist first of all. He with his life style and way of thinking. And, for sure - with his image of the word.

Nikolai Shatrov was a poet of rare talent, Nobel laureate Pasternak applauded his poetry standing… Eccentric, as Don Quixote, bright as Don Juan – In the middle of the last century Shatrov was one of the most prominent representatives of Moscow bohemia. Poet and artist. He poeticized everything he saw nearby. His wife, country, a bottle of soda.

Poet and artist. He was able to behave like a hooligan, and execute a deed.

"I –am a Star", in such a half serious way Shatrov talked about himself.

Joke’s a joke, but he was and still remains a star of the forever gone epoch, which light is especially bright now

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