Additional Info

  • Producer(s): Sergey Zernov
  • Script : Larisa Malukova with Natalia Nazarova
  • Director: Natalia Nazarova
  • Duration: 39 min
  • Genre: documentary
  • Country of origin: Russia, 2005
  • Voice-over : Inna Churikova
  • Narrator: Anna Kamenkova


In cooperation with the Embassy of Mexico in Moscow.

It might be that inside every artist there are two different people. But for Frida Kahlo, the unique Mexican artist, a dual personality became the feeding environment for the development of her gift.  

Festivals and awards

  • Participant in International festival in Bogota (Columbia, 2007)
  • Nominee at XIX National film award NIKA for  «Best documentary» (Russia, 2006)
  • Award in the name of Isabella Lidell for «Best artistic film» at Ann Arbor film festival in Michigan (USA, 2006)
  • Participant in competitive program at International film festival in Sedona (USA, 2006)
  • Prize-winner at IX International festival of TV programs and movies «Golden Tambourine» in nominations «Documentary», «Director of documentary» (Russia, 2005)
  • Special prize in the name of Evald Shom for the «Best art film» at Olomouc academy film festival (Czech republic, 2005)
  • National award at «Lavr» for «Best documentary debut in theaters and on TV» (Russia, 2005)
  • Participant in official program of XXVII Moscow International film festival (Russia, 2005)
  • Screening at VIII International film festival «Servantino» in Guanajuato (Mexico, 2005)
  • Participant in special program «Panorama of Russian documentaries» at XV International festival of documentaries, short films and animated films «Message to people» (Russia, 2005)
  • Screening at festival of Russian movies in Jurmala (Latvia, 2005)
  • Screening at International film festival in Montreal (Canada, 2005)
  • Participant in film festival in Annapolis (USA, 2005)

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